Saturday, December 24, 2011

photoshop ink stuff

Some photoshopping based on an ink brush sketch I doodled a few nights ago. I used a picture of my friend Megan for proportion reference. =)

More Symbiosis

More shots of Symbiosis Assignment process. Kelly helped by directing me with how I should be working to come up with ideas and compositions faster. :) <3

Symbiosis Assignment

Close up of a painting I recently finished in Scott Sawtell's fine art figure painting class and it's process shots. Painted in Acrylic. The assignment was to paint something on a 20ft area using the theme "Symbiosis". I wanted to do something true to my interests in the concept art / illustration realm.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Took a few hours last night to start and finish a commission for my friend, Micah. This was an informal commission that was requested a while ago of the character "Zoro" from One Piece. I've lost track of my first version, redid a second version a few days ago(which I accidentally deleted), worked on another in frustration, and finally got a drawing I'm fairly happy with! I'm glad I restarted this one because I am really happy with the outcome in relation to what I had started out with initially. :D